Steve Jobs Just Says No To iPhone Porn

There has been a lot of talk around the iPhone Porn since it’s release into the mainstream. At the AVE awards convention in Las Vegas recently several industry heavy hitters commented on how they view the iPhone as “the” next adult media platform. There has been talk of all sorts including giving away free adult content feeds in return for you viewing promotional materials.

It seems however, that Steve Jobs is wanting to put the nix on porn on the iPhone. At the Apple press conference earlier this month this statement was released:

But Apple’s plan has restrictions that will probably still ensure that the illicit world of “jailbreaked” applications continues to exist. During his presentation, Steve Jobs flashed up a slide with six categories of apps that won’t be allowed: “Porn, privacy, bandwidth hog, illegal, malicious,” and “unforeseen.” Though Apple didn’t go into details, that probably means “bandwidth hogging” peer-to-peer applications are out along with anything Apple feels could potentially violate media copyrights.

What does this mean for the adult industry? Nothing at the moment. It’s not surprising that Apple is going to try and keep a tight leash on what is developed for the iPhone for the immediate future. Of course if history serves us well it won’t be long before the closely guarded SDK is all over the place and you have renegade developers releasing all sorts of goodies for your iPhone.

The iPhone is the biggest gadget to be released to the general public since the early personal computing revolution the early 1980’s. Millions of them are already being sold and, the price will continue to drop. It won’t be long before the iPhone is part of the normal “free phone with contract” promotions. Having a device in the palm of your hand that gives you just as much connectivity as a laptop or desktop PC is a huge step forward in mobile communications. Right now millions of people have the iPhone however, most people do not. The iPhone also has spawned a whole new generation of smartphone. Since AT&T has an exclusive contract with the iPhone for the first 5 years other carriers are scrambling to be able to develop devices that will offer similar functionality.

Sooner or later Apple will be forced to allow more people access to it’s SDK thus the prospect of adult entertainment being a big player in mobile communication content is simply inevitable. Similar to how the VHS took adult entertainment out of the theaters the iPhone will put such content in the hands of anyone who chooses to view it. I’m sure if you put your imagination to work you can see how such a medium is almost perfect for the adult industry.

If history has taught us anything that is it’s bound to repeat itself. I can see a whole new set of high profile obscenity trails being fuels from adult iPhone content. This is probably the number one factor that has Steve Jobs so outspoken on the subject.

So for the meantime enjoy your family friendly iPhone content. For those who are wanting something a little more spicy in the realms of iPhone Porn, your wait-time isn’t going to be long.

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