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Two Basic Methods of Downloading and Watching Movies on Your IPhone 3G

If you are a movie buff and looking to enjoy your favorite entertainment on the go, downloading movies to your iPhone is the way to go and can put hours of enjoyment into your pocket. Before downloading movies onto your iPhone there are few things you will want to consider. Since there are so many available sites on the Internet for downloading a movie for your iPhone, you want to make certain you go with a reputable site that is legitimate and will not cause you problems with viruses and other malicious elements. You will also want to make certain your virus software is up to date before downloading anything.

Although it is possible to rip movies from DVD, if you would like your movies to be in the correct format (MP4), your best bet is to download them directly from a website like iTunes. The site provides literally hundreds of downloads from every genre for a very reasonable price.

In order to download from the iTunes site and set up your iPhone to watch movies you will need an account with iTunes. The process is similar to downloading to an iPod except the iPhone is a much more powerful version of the iPod.

If you do not mind converting your movie to the MP4 format, you will need to install a DVD to iPhone converter for Windows or Mac. The converter is also really handy for downloading YouTube, MySpace, and Google videos that otherwise rely on the Flash application in order to operate. Since iPhone does not support Flash you will need to convert them to MP4.

Another way to watch movies on your iPhone is to download them directly from sites on the Internet. There are many free sites as well as paid sites; however, many of the free sites also have many viruses permeating the environment so you probably would be better off paying a membership to a legitimate site with a good reputation. Most of the reputable sites will provide lifetime access with your membership and you will not have to worry about the expense of buying a whole new computer.

There is no limit to how many movies you can download, however, the amount you can actually store on your iPhone will depend upon your iPhone’s capacity. Normally, the standard size iPhone capacity ranges from 8G to 16G.

Basically, you are looking for two different methods of downloading and watching movies on your iPhone. You can opt to rip a favorite DVD movie to your computer and then install it on your iPhone 3G or you can choose to download movies to your iPhone 3G from a reliable Internet site.

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Apple Computers – Compatibility With Windows Applications

In the early days there was little compatibility between Apple applications and Microsoft Windows applications. However, much has changed over the years, and many applications can be seamlessly shared between the two operating systems. This is especially true of the Max OS X Tiger which enables not only the sharing of files, but can co-exist peacefully on the same network. Sharing printers, scanners and other peripheral devices between Macs and PCs is now almost a non-issue, while there are still the occasional user who has problems sharing files between PCs and Macs, the difficulties have mostly be resolved. It is expected that within the next few years, there should be problems at all.

Best of all, in today’s highly wired world, where electronic mail is a way of life, now even email can be shared across Mac and PC platforms with minimal fuss. Apple started on the road to compatibility in 2003 when they resumed installing PC Compatible Cards into their systems. This was done in partnership with Dell Computers.

With so many businesses using Microsoft Windows, it was only natural that Apple made their systems compatible so that users could work across platforms. Nowhere is this compatibility more appreciated than in the freelancing world where clients and freelancers need to quickly and efficiently exchange files. The introduction of Intel processors in the current lines of Apple Computers has cemented this compatibility relationship across multiple-platforms.

Prior to this, users of Mac applications had to use third party software, like Stuffit Expander and Conversion Plus, to be able to access and work on files created with Microsoft applications. Also, the current generation of Macs now has Mac compatible Windows application suites which include everyday Windows applications, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft Office for Mac can be used between Macs and PCs with no problem.
— By Yina Dong