Two Basic Methods of Downloading and Watching Movies on Your IPhone 3G

If you are a movie buff and looking to enjoy your favorite entertainment on the go, downloading movies to your iPhone is the way to go and can put hours of enjoyment into your pocket. Before downloading movies onto your iPhone there are few things you will want to consider. Since there are so many available sites on the Internet for downloading a movie for your iPhone, you want to make certain you go with a reputable site that is legitimate and will not cause you problems with viruses and other malicious elements. You will also want to make certain your virus software is up to date before downloading anything.

Although it is possible to rip movies from DVD, if you would like your movies to be in the correct format (MP4), your best bet is to download them directly from a website like iTunes. The site provides literally hundreds of downloads from every genre for a very reasonable price.

In order to download from the iTunes site and set up your iPhone to watch movies you will need an account with iTunes. The process is similar to downloading to an iPod except the iPhone is a much more powerful version of the iPod.

If you do not mind converting your movie to the MP4 format, you will need to install a DVD to iPhone converter for Windows or Mac. The converter is also really handy for downloading YouTube, MySpace, and Google videos that otherwise rely on the Flash application in order to operate. Since iPhone does not support Flash you will need to convert them to MP4.

Another way to watch movies on your iPhone is to download them directly from sites on the Internet. There are many free sites as well as paid sites; however, many of the free sites also have many viruses permeating the environment so you probably would be better off paying a membership to a legitimate site with a good reputation. Most of the reputable sites will provide lifetime access with your membership and you will not have to worry about the expense of buying a whole new computer.

There is no limit to how many movies you can download, however, the amount you can actually store on your iPhone will depend upon your iPhone’s capacity. Normally, the standard size iPhone capacity ranges from 8G to 16G.

Basically, you are looking for two different methods of downloading and watching movies on your iPhone. You can opt to rip a favorite DVD movie to your computer and then install it on your iPhone 3G or you can choose to download movies to your iPhone 3G from a reliable Internet site.

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How To Make Your iPhone Ringer Louder

Perhaps one of the most aggravating aspects of having a cell phone is when you miss a telephone call. There are many reasons why you can miss a phone call, however, when you miss a very important call due to your ringer’s low volume, this is extremely aggravating. If you own an iPhone, than you may have missed many phone calls due to the low ringer volume, which is very surprising. When you have a cell phone as high-tech as the iPhone, than you expect it to be able to properly notify you when you have a phone call, however, due to the iPhone’s lower than normal ringer volume many people are missing phone calls. But what can you do about the iPhone’s low ringer volume?

Many people who have an iPhone think that the reason why the ringer volume is so low is because of the iPhone’s small speakers. And this makes sense because the smaller the speakers are, the lower the volume, right? While this may seem to be a great reason why the iPhone’s volume is so low, it may not be the actual cause. The main cause for a ringer volume that is extremely low may be due to the actual audio levels in your phone. Many people have found that with their iPhone, the stock ringers have such a low volume. In order to fix this, you may have to find new ringtones other than those that are already on your iPhone.

The main cause for the ringtones being so quite is the fact that they are made of a low frequency. Thus, if you want to be able to have a louder ringtone, than you will need to find a ringtone that is made of a higher frequency. This may sound difficult, but you can find a higher frequency ringtone by simply turning to your computer. If you are a MAC owner, than you will be able to go into the application Garage Band and find a new ringtone within this location. Perhaps the best ringtone from Garage Band is the “Cell Phone Ringing” sound clip.

However, putting a new ringtone onto your iPhone requires a little work on your part. In order to put this clip onto your iPhone, than you will need to run iFunstastic, which is for individuals that have an Intel-MAC, or if you are using a Windows PC than you will want to run the application iPhoneRingToneMaker or iBrickr. These applications will install the ringtones from your computer to your iPhone, thus giving you the ability to have a ringtone that is clearly audible.

The key to having a successful ringtone is picking one that is naturally loud by default. This will increase the sound volume that is being release, and thus you will never miss another phone call because you didn’t hear it. When you have an iPhone, you want to enjoy every aspect of it, however, if the volume of the iPhone is lower than desired, than you will not be able to enjoy your iPhone to its fullest.

Top iPhone Complaints

We have the technology. Behold, the brand new iPhone 3G! In all its wonder, this new piece of equipment has single-handedly revolutionized cell phones now and forever. With more tricks and gimmicks than one could learn to use in a lifetime. It wouldn’t surprise me if it could keep you alive underwater!

But like almost every brand new technology these days, there are bound to be bugs involved. And this time, the iPhone 3G contains the whole colony. Widespread around the country (and around the world) is a panic of disappointment in the almighty iPhone and its lack of quality and reliability. Not only is it neither of those, there have also been complaints about almost every aspect of the phone. Just to list a few iPhone complaints:

  • The iPhone 3G doesn’t ring in sleep mode
  • It can’t sync notes except for using a web-based application which slows it down
  • Pulling up contacts to make a call slows the iPhone down immensely
  • Very hard to select text; even with an application that lets you copy, cut and paste
  • Notes are sometimes completely deleted one letter at a time if you hit Backspace
  • No removable battery – Must send to Apple to replace

But these are just some of the petty bugs that have been exposed about the iPhone. The main problems with the phone are of much greater importance. For example, the battery life is considered to be far below average and inferior to other cell phones that have been on the market for the past 5 years.

The lack of reception in certain areas has also been one of the largest topics of argument in iPhone complaint forums all over the web. One unsatisfied customer ( Liza reports, “The AT&T signal bars now indicate the phone receives the highest signal in my home….but the calls invariably drop out. I can’t begin to say how frustrating that is!!! I could kick myself for buying this piece of…so I can dump the phone”.

The customer service provided by AT&T is said to be horrendous as well. Not to mention over a hundred iPhone complaints but one new customer said, “I had the phone less than 24 hours and AT&T wouldn’t replace it” ( Originally, there was only one company providing service for the iPhone (AT&T). Can you say ‘monopoly’? Of course, now that problem has been fixed but this is just another issue going to show how many problems surround this new piece of technology. I could go on and on for light years about how many different complaints there have been regarding the new iPhone but it all boils down to one important understanding:

Overall, iPhone 3G is more of a toy than a useful tool that can be reliably used for conducting business. So if you love playing games, designing iPhone apps, and surfing the web to find weather stats in 4,901 different time zones, the iPhone 3G is perfect for you. But if you want reliability, great reception everywhere, great customer service and a flexible and competitive service plan, your best bet is to simply go with an alternative.

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Get the Best Out of Your IPhone

Apple iPhone 3G has taken the world by storm and while the wave of excitement hasn’t yet died down, many users want to get the best out of their phones. There are many tips and tricks through which you can increase the productivity of your phones.

The 1st tip is the use of dotcom key. The iPhone helps to type .com very easily while typing a web address. This really helps to save a lot of time but the ultimate time saver is when you click on the .com button a little longer, you would get a pop up list of alternative domains like .edu, .net and .org to select from while typing a web address. Another time saver is by tapping twice on the spacebar, you can quickly enter a full stop.

The 2nd tip is keyboard related productivity that can be derived from your Apple iPhone 3G. You can change a small letter to a capital letter by holding on to the shift key and then sliding your finger on the letter that needs to be changed. The phone also has a CAPS LOCK key which can be set by configuring your handset. In the phone menu, go to settings /general /keyboard and enable the caps lock function. To use this shortcut you have to double tap the shift key and the caps lock function would be active.

The 3rd tip would be to save the most important part of your Apple iPhone 3G – the battery life. Apple iPhone 3G can really be power hungry due to so many added gizmos functionalities that run simultaneously. You can add more life to your battery by temporary turning off the 3G connection when you are not using it and revert to EDGE (2G) or GPRS connection. You can also outsmart your Apple iPhone 3G by fooling the handset’s ambient light sensor that is located above the earpiece which uses less power by reducing the display light of the screen when held in a dark environment. All you need to do is hold your finger over the ambient display light and save some more of your phone’s battery.

The 4th tip is if you want a bigger keyboard, all you need to do is flip the phone into a horizontal position and tap the Safari browser address bar before you begin browsing and you would have a wider keyboard. In case while using your phone, any application gets frozen then you can simply press and hold the Home button for approximately 6 seconds and the application would close.

The 5th tip would be, if you want to change the language to French or German or you want to type some text in foreign words, you just need to hold and slide your finger on the letter key and a list of accented alternatives would appear.

Although you might find these tips in the manual but not many of us have the time to go through the entire manual and miss out on most of the tips and tricks that can help us use our Apple iPhone 3G more efficiently. Hope these tips would help you use your phones easily and efficiently.

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iPhone: Music On The Go

Some people say that variety is the spice of life. This is very true. It is also true for music. In addition, if you have an Apple iPhone, there is no better way to have your music on the go. Think iPod with the ability to make phone calls, text, surf the web, and more. It does not matter where you are heading off to; everyone wants music in their life. Taking it with you is definitely the way to go. Having your music with you is almost a requirement these days. Once upon a time you would need to schlep around a CD player with you. Remember the Sony Walkman? Now, with the iPhone, your music is always close at hand. Today you can have iPhone music on the go.

The portable CD player is now a thing of the past. Digital music is available as MP3’s. These files are easily carried with you be it in a MP3 player or an iPhone. As an Apple iPhone owner, you can bring all of your favorite music with you, and it is right there at your fingertips. Those of you who have the Apple iPhone do not have to fret about having to bring along a separate MP3 player to listen to your music. All of the tunes you love to listen to are right there on their cell phone. The music is available to play whenever and where ever you are ready to listen to it. When it’s time to rock out, you are ready to roll.

The Apple iPhone makes retrieving your favorite tunes a snap. Just a touch of a finger and you can quickly browse through all of your music. You can sort and retrieve it by play lists, albums, artists, or songs. How you organize it is up to you. What if you cannot think of the album name? If you remember what the album looks like you can use program such as Cover Flow to make it easy for you to locate your favorite albums based on the graphics presented on the album cover. It’s more than just music on the go with the Apple iPhone; it’s an entire music library.

Do you like karaoke? If you love to sing along with your favorite song but the words elude you, no worries, as long as you downloaded the music from iTunes, you can have the words appear right there on the screen. It’s not a phone; it’s a personal karaoke machine, compliments of your iPhone. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Wait a minute, you don’t have an iPhone? Where can you get one? Go to any AT&T store, they will have them. On the other hand, you can get them online. These phones may be smart, but they are quite expensive. Be sure to check for bargains no matter where you shop. In addition, take the time to get insurance on them. If they break you want AT&T to foot the bill, not you. If you are not an AT&T customer, see if they will give you a good deal on an iPhone if you switch over to their service. The cell phone business is extremely competitive, so be sure to bargain and haggle with them. You will be surprised at what might happen. If you want your music on the go with the Apple iPhone, then you are going to need and iPhone to be on the go with. Buy one, enjoy it and listen to all the music you can possibly fit onto a single phone.