How to Convert a DVD to an iPod Or PSP

It’s rather complicated for one to become accustomed to all the options available on the web as we speak, regarding the process of converting a video DVD for a playback gadget like an iPod or a PSP. Depending on the model, firmware, format compatibility there are dozens of software programs for such converters that provide, more or less, suitable conversions for the iPod or PSP owner.

The software converter offered by those at 99bytes is an acknowledged piece of software by renowed specialists like Softpedia, in terms of download security and overall standard of ease of use. It does not require complicated steps to be made by the user, as the following described steps will show.

First of all, any user receives five free trial conversions beforehand, so a user gets to test the converter capabilities without needing to purchase the actual converter. After the installation, the video file to be converted has to be opened from the main menu. The 99bytes DVD converter for iPod and PSP offers double compatibility, meaning that a DVD can be converted both for an iPod and a PSP, which saves the user money and time because he or she doesn’t need to look for a different converter for their other gadget, the PSP. This particular software converts any video format into a compatible mp4 one for the iPod, so users don’t have to worry about previous conversions.

Furthermore, the software permits selected conversion, which are conversions of certain parts or chapters of the DVD, so users can save space on their iPod or PSP and watch only those parts of the movie they like best. These are the most basic steps a user has to do in order to convert a DVD for an iPod or a PSP using the 99bytes DVD software converter.

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